Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly

What is the Assembly?

This is a place for people with a learning disability and carers to come together to talk about things that are affecting them - and what they want to see happen. The job of the assembly is to make sure their voice is heard by all the people who make the decisions that affect us - the council, the heath decision makers - like the CCG, hospital trusts, health and wellbeing board, the police, social care commissioners… The assembly is your voice, your way of being heard.

How does it work?

The meetings are co-chaired by someone with a learning disability (Richard) and someone who is a Carer (Liz).

We will plan the agenda - by asking you "what are the Big Issues for you?"

We will invite experts and decision makers to come to talk to us about the issues which we think are important. We also want them to listen to us. We will ask them to go away with a plan of action - and come back to a later meeting to tell us what they have done.
We will make sure the right people are invited when we want to the talk specific issues. For example if we are talking about Education classes - we will invite the Colleges, the Voluntary sector and the commissioners.

Richard Keagan-Bull

Liz Hanlon

How do we do this? 


The Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly has 2 Co-Chairs.


Currently they are Liz Hanlon (a carer) and Richard Keagan Bull (a service user)

We also have other committee members like Treasurer and vice chair.


There are a few other members of a small committee who organise and plan events and support the co-chairs. They are:

Jane Abraham - (Group support worker)

Robert Hill - Independent Health & Social Care and Community Development Consultant.

Jet Hull - Lambeth Council

Harsha Ganatra - London Borough of Lambeth / Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group

Plus service users and occasional others who contribute.

We will hold at least 2 Assembly meetings a year with reps from the different carers and people with learning disability groups. The reps will take back issues to their groups.

We will hold at least 2 "Big Days" which will focus on a popular topic and be very interactive.

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