Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD)

As the PMLD Network says, people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) are unique individuals, but they share common concerns: they have distinctive needs, face barriers to being included and need help to fight for their equal rights.

People with PMLD have more than one disability, have profound learning difficulties, have difficulties communicating, need high levels of support and may have additional sensory impairments and complex health needs. The combination of these complex needs means that all children and adults with PMLD require high levels of support in most aspects of their daily lives.


As well as the need to meet these care requirements, for children and young people with PMLD there is the additional challenge of providing access to an education which is as full of opportunities, learning and fun as that of their mainstream counterparts. 


PMLD in Lambeth

Some years ago now a group of parents set up the ‘PMLD’ group.  This was to help the council and NHS Lambeth understand about the particular needs of this particular group of people.

We did it because our sons and daughters cannot speak up for themselves.


We have re-launched the group as we know there are more families now who may not have heard about the PMLD Report and its suggestions.


Do you care for someone described as having ‘PMLD’? Do you want to meet with other parents to discuss your needs?


We would like to hear from you so we can tell you about future meetings.

We need to know when people are free. During weekdays or weekends? Or evenings after work?


You can call Mary on 020 8769 0778  or Dreenagh on 020 7735 9673  or 07962104342


If you have email you can contact Dreenagh on


If you are not sure what PMLD is, please call and we can explain more.

Do you care for someone described as having ‘PMLD’? - Please see this letter from Dreenagh and Mary

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